Renaissance Man: The Classic Car with Alain de Cadenet
A Brough Superior Motorcycle from the series: Renaissance Man
John Nichol Flies…The Boeing B29 Superfortress
Contains - copious swearing, parental discretion advised…
Le Mans racer and former DTM driver Vanina Ickx presents: How to Build Speed Machines.
Renaissance Man : MINI rides again
John Nicol flies : The English Electric Lightning

A full service production company and consultancy with expertise in Military History, Aviation and Automotive programming. Includes complete documentary series and segment production for sports output.
Broadcast commissioning clients have included Discovery Velocity, Discovery Military, SPEED, Discovery Europe, ITV 1 and 4 while Gemini has licensed programming to broadcasters around the world.
Gemini corporate clients have included Breitling SA, SAAB Aerospace, Lotus Cars and various companies looking for spectacular imagery and professionalism.


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